Chiru Fans Behaviour With Jeevtiha Rajashekar

Chiru Fans Behaviour With Jeevtiha Rajashekar
26, 27-01-2008, Bheemavaram: Rajesekhar, Jeevita and his daughters in Bheemavaram to visit the jatara of a famous local diety.
Evening, 27-01-2008, Bheemavaram: The couple holds a press conference before leaving for Hyderabad. Bombarded with questions about Rajasekhar’s political plans and if he would join Chiranjeevi’s party, whenever he launched it. Rajasekhar’s says he would not join the party as Chiranjeevi has no experience in politics.
Night, 27-01-2008, En Route to Hyderabad: Angry fans of the megastar turn up at the railway station shouting slogans demanding Rajasekhar’s apologies.
Around midnight, 27-01-2008, Guntur: Chiranjeevi fans try get into the train from Bheemavaram to confront Rajasekhar over the comments he had made about Chiranjeevi. But do not find him or family in the compartment. Here too, the fans shout slogans.
Around 5:00 am, 28-01-2008, Hyderabad: Rajasekhar’s car attacked by the so-called Chiranjeevi fans as they drove into the city in the early hours, today morning.
8.15 am, Apollo Hospital, Jubilee Hills: Rajasekhar, Jeevita couple talk to the media gathered as they come out of the hospital after a preliminary check-up by the doctors at Apollo Hospital.
8.30 am onwards, TV9 studio, Banjara Hills: After being driven away to the TV9 studios, Rajasekhar and Jeevita go live. Several calls come in from shocked viewers. Some feel Rajasekhar was not right in commenting about Chiranjeevi. The couple repeats they made no personal comments against the megastar. Say it was their fundamental right to express personal views. Megastar blamed for turning his fans on to them. They ask Chiranjeevi to immediately condemn the violent behaviour of his fans.
Noon time, Rajasekhar’s residence: Allu Arvind brings Rajasekhar and Jeevita to meet the megastar. He talks to them and then addresses the media. Chiranjeevi says sorry on camera to Rajasekhar and Jeevita. Megastar expresses shock and condemns the barbaric behaviour of his so-called fans. Tells his fans that such acts will not be tolerated in future.
Post Chiru’s statement to the press, outside Rajasekhar’s house: Rajasekhar, Jeevita happy about Chiranjeevi’s response. Ask Chiru fans to be more restrained and decent henceforth.
Afternoon, Rajasekhar’s house: Dr Mohan Babu visits the couple, condemns the violent behaviour of fans and calls upon the industry to act as one.