OMG Is It Really Happend In Serials



OMG Is It Really Happend In Serials
The second season of the hugely successful Naagin, it tells the story of Shivangi who discovers that she is an Icchadhari Naagin. The goal of her life is to save the Naagmani from the evil Mahishmathi queen, Avantika. Her old foes, Yamini and Shesha have returned and the battle is fierce. Shesha and Shivanya are Ichchhadhari Naagins, who want to avenge the unjust death of their parents. They have been killed by Ankush, Viren, Shailesh, Suri and a mysterious person. Shivanya marries Ankush’s son, Ritik. Later, she kills Suri, Viren and Shailesh. The Raheja try to use black magic and a peahen woman called Mayuri to kill them. They also killed a mongoose man called Kabeer. It is revealed that Yamini is the fifth murderer. Shesha who is also in love with Ritik joins hands with Yamini and the Mahishmathi Kingdom who come to steal the Naagmani. Ritik and Shivanya manage to save it. Lord Shiva blesses Ritik and Shivanya with a daughter, Shivangi. She is unaware that she is also an Icchadhari Naagin. Ritik is dead and Shivanya is a widow. Rocky, Yamini’s son is engaged to Shesha but he falls for Shivangi. The second season talks about their love story and what happened then on.
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