Srimukhi Did That For ..

Srimukhi Did That For ..
I think all people know first ravi and lasya is very good friends and closely say i think both are lovers some days be fore no of rumors to ravi and lasya i think we both are lovers ravi and lasya marriage be overs this types of rumors no of comments on ravi and lasya we both tv anchors very good anchors we both chemistry and timing is excellent and excellent dance formers any show in ravi lasya that show very energetic any program coming to ravi lasya also compulsory coming that shownow ravi and anchor srimuki in etv plus patas we both are anchors show is very excellent very comedy show anchors chemistry also excellent in this show srimukhi say i want ravi ravi is myn only myn thats why all people commented both ravi lasya.Ravi and lasya first lover in the DJ performance in the lovers and best performance in the this days are best lovers in the shows chalaki chanti show na show na istam this show beginning show chalaki chanti show.



Cinema, Comedy

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